A Galaxy at Peace?

The Clone Wars have ended and Palpatine’s New Order promises peace, but many are not sure…

In 19 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), Jedi consular Ekafti Acomar was traveling with protocol droid Max Power on a diplomatic mission to Bakura in the Wild Space/Unknown Regions part of the galaxy as the Clone Wars wound down. Unbeknownst to Ekafti, Max helped her survive Order 66, which outlawed all Jedi.

Young Jedi Thayne Highlander was part of a Republic task force dealing with an incursion by the Ssi-ruuk when he saw his master slain by Clone Troopers following Order 66. During the battle, Ari Sundar decided to leave her people, and Thayne had mercy on her.

Meanwhile, gambler and ex-Jedi Garos recently obtained a starship, and Oong Bak is its Duros engineer. We’ve all recently come together, but we don’t know one another especially well. Still, we have a common foe in the Galactic Empire and a desire to survive…

Star Wars: Dark Times

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